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Problems Keeping Up With The Trash In Your Business? Hire A Commercial Trash Removal Company

If you are having problems keeping up with the trash in your business, you do not want your customers to see overflowing trashcans outside or inside, as this gives them a bad impression of you. If you are having this problem, hire a commercial trash removal company to take care of it for you. Besides removing your trash, they can also offer other services to you.

Trash Removal Service

A trash removal company can supply you with trash bins large enough to fit a lot of trash into. There are also trash bins that have padlocks just in case you have animals getting into them causing an even bigger mess. They will set up a schedule with you to pick up your trash at certain days and/or times so it does not build up. Depending on the trash removal company you hire, they may have you roll the trash bins to the curb so they can easily pick them up.


Many trash service companies today also recycle the trash they pick up, and they can work with you to develop a recycling program that will work well for you. They may provide you with enough trash bins so you can keep the recyclable items separate, such as bins for plastic, paper, glass, etc.

They may provide you with trash bins to put inside your building also so you and your employees can use them throughout the day. This makes it much easier for you when separating out the trash for the bins. If your company is small, use one large bin for aluminum cans and a separate bin for paper and plastic in a convenient location. If you have a large company, you may want to consider smaller trashcans in each department.

Have a meeting with your employees before you start using them explaining how they need to use them, as well as the importance of recycling, such as to keep the trash out of landfills. Other companies will supply you with one bin to put all items together, and they will separate everything out on their end.

If you have electronic products that you are finished with, they should not be thrown into a landfill. Not only are they full of toxic materials, they may contain personal information. The trash removal company may take care of recycling them for you, or they can help you find a company that will take them off your hands. They are then reused to make other electronic products.

To learn more about commercial trash removal, contact a company like E.L. Harvey & Sons