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Six Tips For An Efficient Office Relocation

Even a small office move can be a major undertaking for your administrative staff. They need to keep the office functional up until the day of the move, and then rapidly relocate so that workers can remain productive. Here are some tips for making this process go smoothly. 

Create a Timeline

One key ingredient is a timeline that tells employees when each piece of the move will happen. Although they don't need to know the gritty details, it's helpful if employees know when to clear out throw-away items from their desks, when to expect certain items to be packed up, and when to expect any other changes that might throw off their working habits. 


Doing a purge early on can help clear the clutter and make the task less daunting. Well in advance of the move, hire a garbage and recycling bin so that employees can throw out unwanted papers and supplies. After this, you'll be able to see what actually needs to be packed. 

Archive as Much as Possible

Consider using a document storage facility to archive files that are a bit older, but not ready to be thrown out. You don't want to bring clutter into the new office, and you can always retrieve the documents as needed. Talk to a service like Vital Records Control for more information.

Sell Old Furniture

If you are planning on getting new furniture, you can get a hefty sum for your old office furniture as long as it's in good shape. Just know that it may take a month or more to sell, so start early. Office furniture sold in bulk may be the way to go if you're short for time; allow potential buyers to make an offer on the entire bundle. 

Have Employees Pitch In

On the day before the movers arrive, it's likely that you'll need to start packing up and tearing workstations down. You could relocate your employees temporarily, but prepare to have reduced productivity. Another option is to have employees help out with packing and getting everything ready, maybe with a pizza incentive along the way. 

Get to the New Office Early

You may want to encourage workers to set up their new stations before Monday morning. One way to do this is to host a party at the new office, so that people can get more comfortable with the new space. 

Moving an entire office is stressful, especially when you can't see the pieces coming together until the day of the move comes. Take a deep breath, follow the steps above, and enjoy a successful office move.