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Tips For Maximizing Dumpster Use

Dumpsters can make life easier by providing a large, open space to put your trash in, but you may not be using that space as effectively as you could. Depending on the size of your dumpster, you may even be falling behind on projects just because you aren't organizing the way you dispose of your trash. When it comes to things like demolition and clean-outs, organization can go a long way toward getting the job done faster and more efficiently. Whether you own properties or you run a clean-out crew, use the tips below to organize your trash disposal and maximize your efficiency.

Place the Dumpster Nearby

How much time are you wasting by making one trip after the other? Your dumpster should be as close to an entrance as possible, without blocking the way. At the same time, you might also be able to put it close to a window so that you can toss things into it from the window instead of walking through the yard every time you have something to throw away.

Toss in Small Items First

Your first urge may be to get the large items out of the way, but you could be wasting space by using this method. Instead, toss the small items out first. This will ensure that the corners of the dumpster get used as well as the large open space. Even when you do throw large items away, try dumping boxes of smaller items into the corners instead of on top of the larger items.

  • Remove cushions from furniture and tuck them in corners.
  • Box up small items and dump them out of the box instead of throwing the whole box in the dumpster.
  • Use windows when possible to dump small items so you don't block the entrance, which can be used for larger items.

Create a Production Line

When cleaning out a house or apartment, it's much easier if everyone knows what their task is. For example, one person might box up items while someone else dumps the contents of the boxes out. Using this method, you can stay out of everyone's way and still get the job done in an efficient manner. Over time, people will develop habits and skills that will help them speed up the process in general, making it faster and more efficient.

When you use methods that help you get the most out of your dumpster, you reduce the cost because you need less space for a shorter period of time. It's also helpful to network with dumpster rental services, like East Central Sanitation & Recycling, so that they understand your needs and methods in order to offer you the dumpster that will work best for you.