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Looking For Extra Income? 4 Metals You Could Be Recycling

If money's tight right now, you're probably looking for ways to bring in some extra income. Finding another job isn't always feasible, especially if you're already working a second – and maybe even a third – job.

Take a look around your yard. If you have scrap metal laying around, you're on your way to some spare cash. There are a lot of metals that you can recycle, some that you might not have even thought of. Here are just a few of the metals you can recycle and turn into cash.


You probably already know that you can recycle aluminum cans. However, those soda cans aren't the only things made out of recyclable aluminum. In fact, you might have quite a few things in your home and yard that are made from recyclable aluminum. Some of those items include rain gutters, window screen frames and screen doors.


Copper is one of the most valuable metals you can recycle. Just a small amount of copper will bring you a nice amount of money. You might not realize that you have copper in your yard, but if you have old copper plumbing pipes, you can recycle them for cash. If you have broken air conditioners or jumper cables, the wiring inside can also be recycled.


Brass is another metal that will bring you a little more money at the recycler. Like copper, you might not realize that you have it laying around your yard. Some of the places you might find brass in your home include lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and even door handles.


You might think of junk cars when you think of recycling steel. However, cars aren't the only thing in your yard made of steel. Steel is often found in things like filing cabinets, washing machines and dryers. It is often found in something that you might be throwing in the trash every day.

Those empty cans that once contained vegetables or other foods, are made of steel that you could be recycling. Instead of tossing your empty cans into the trash, you can get some of your money back by recycling them.

Don't throw money out with the trash. Recycling is a great way to increase your income. Many of the things that you ordinarily throw away can be recycled at a local recycling center. Use this simple guide to help locate the recyclable metal you might have around your home. For more information, call a professional like Full Circle Recycling.