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Five Tips That Can Save You Money On Your Garbage PickUp

When trying to save money, a simple strategy is to look at all the services you use and see where cuts can be made. When making these changes, don't forget to look at your garbage service. Cutting costs on trash pickup doesn't just save you money, either. A major side benefit of frugality is that it often tends to be environmentally friendly, too. The following tips can help you cut costs and help the Earth.

Tip #1: Shop Around

Depending on your municipality, you may have a choice of garbage service companies. If this is the case, shop around to find the best deal. Generally, the best deals are with the company that usually services your area. For example, in rural areas, you sometimes get a discount if you use the same company as your neighbors, since they will be in the area no matter what.

Tip #2: Manage the Pickup Days

Garbage services vary widely between companies and municipalities. Some services swing through the neighborhood twice weekly, while others offer monthly pickup options. If you aren't generating a lot of trash, it's usually less expensive to opt for the lowest frequency pickup schedule.

Tip #3: Manage Your Garbage Amounts

Generating less trash is the simplest way to save some cash. Skipping overly packaged food is the perfect start, since packaged food is often less healthy and more expensive. You can also begin composting in your backyard to cut down on trash. Less garbage means less frequent pickups, smaller cans, or lower per bag fees.

Tip #4: Ask About Recycling

More and more companies are offering single stream recycling options. Sometimes these options are even paid for by the city, so recycling pickup may even be free. Single stream options are the easiest to follow, since you don't need to separate your recyclables. Even if single stream isn't an option, it is still usually well worth it to take the time to sort the recyclables, whether it's for a city collection or to drop them off on your own. This can majorly cut down on your garbage production.

Tip #5: Combine Services

If you don't produce a lot of garbage and you have a neighbor that also produces minimal garbage, it can be worth it to share your garbage service. You just need to decide which home will have service and deliver the garbage there each pickup day. Before using this option, check with the local service providers and make sure it's allowed – some don't allow shared pickup per their service contracts.

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