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Refining Gold: Turn Your Gold Jewelry Into A Worthy Bullion

You might have gotten lucky by inheriting some jewelry from a family member, but perhaps the gold pieces you obtained are not exactly your type. You do not have to let those pieces go to waste as long as you consider a professional gold refiner who should be able to turn those pieces into something of use, like a gold bullion. But you should still know a few things about gold refining, which this guide will help you understand.

Gold Content

The first thing you need to understand is the varying gold content, which the following list will help you with:

  • 24 karats means that your piece is 100 percent gold
  • 22 karats contains 91.75 percent gold
  • 21 karats has 87.5 percent gold
  • 18 karats only has 75 percent gold
  • 14 karats has 58.5 percent gold, which is the most common in the US
  • 12 karats contains 50.52 percent of gold
  • 10 karats only has 42 percent of gold
  • 9 karats means that the piece has 37.8 percent of gold
  • 8 karats contains 33.75 percent of gold

The percentage of gold in your pieces should determine just how much gold you will end up with once your gold refining specialist is done with your pieces. 

The Combinations

The next thing you should know is the different combinations available to you when you refine your gold. Combinations refer to the amount of different metals that are going to be mixed in with your gold. This is necessary because pure gold is very fragile. 

The following are some of the possible combinations that you can choose from:

White Gold

One of the choices that you have is making your refined gold into white gold, which means that your gold will be mixed with any of the following:

  • Nickel
  • Silver
  • Palladium

Remember that silver and palladium will make your gold bullion worth much more than using just the nickel metal. 

Pink Gold

The next type of alloy combination that you have is usually referred to as pink gold or red gold, which is a mixture of gold and one of the following:

  • Copper
  • Brass

Copper would make your gold bullion worth more in the long run.

Blue Gold

The last option that you have available to you is referred to as blue gold, which is simply the mixture of gold and iron. This is a strong and durable mix that should make your gold piece durable. 

You can talk to your gold refining specialist like Mid-States Recycling & Refining about other choices or combinations that you may have available to you, but as you can see, you do need a little information to understand how to turn those unwanted pieces into the type of gold that you can treat as an investment.