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What Should You Do With An Old Laptop?

Almost everyone relies on their computer in the modern age, and for many people, their primary computer is a laptop. A good laptop will last you several years, but in time your laptop will slow down, and you may be better served by a newer model. When you're ready for a new computer, you need to decide what to do with your old one. Fortunately, there are a few options. Here are three ways you can get rid of your old laptop:

1. Sell your laptop.

Some people purchase a new laptop every couple of years. If you're the type of person who always wants the latest gadgets, your old laptop might not be very old at all. In that case, it probably has some resale value. You can easily sell your laptop using online classifieds or bidding websites. Price your laptop competitively, and you will likely have a buyer in no time.

2. Donate your laptop.

If your laptop is still in good condition, and you don't know anyone who needs a computer, you can donate it to someone in need. Many charities collect laptops, and some secondhand shops will sell them to fund their nonprofit work. Even older models of computers are generally accepted by charities. There are lots of kids in need who could use a laptop to help with their schoolwork. If you decide to donate your laptop, make sure to completely erase its memory first. You don't want any sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

3. Recycle your laptop.

If your laptop no longer functions, or you can't find a charity willing to accept it, you should recycle it instead of throwing it away. PC recycling is good for the environment. It allows laptop manufacturers to salvage usable parts, which will decrease the need to mine for new materials. The internal components of your computer can go on to power other computers, and you can feel good about doing your part to care for the planet.

Before using any of these disposal methods, make sure you get everything you need off your old computer. You won't get another chance to retrieve all your old files, so make sure to make a copy of any photographs, documents, or folders that you want to save. You can backup all of your laptop's contents onto an external hard drive or onto the cloud. Once that's done, use whichever of these disposal methods suits you best. These three options are much better for the environment and your local community than throwing your computer in the trash.