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Recycled Asphalt Misconceptions

Asphalt's durability makes it a popular solution for a variety of paving projects. However, many individuals may be poorly informed when it comes to the recyclability of asphalt.

Myth: Recycled Asphalt Will Be Of A Lower Quality

Some homeowners may be worried about using recycled asphalt for their driveway due to the assumption that it will not be as durable as new asphalt. Luckily, this is far from the case as recycled asphalt can be just as durable as new materials. However, it will still require effective maintenance in order to maximize its usable lifespan. This should include sealcoating it, repairing any cracks that form, and periodically cleaning it.

Myth: It Is Difficult To Have Your Current Asphalt Driveway Recycled

If you are looking to repave your driveway, you might assume that it will be difficult to recycle the current asphalt that is being used. Yet, this is not the case as driveway recycling can be a fairly quick process. This is due to the fact that recycling services will have machinery that can easily break up and remove the old asphalt so that it can be taken to a recycling center. In most cases, this process should not take long, but it can allow you to reduce the environmental impact of your paving project. Unfortunately, not every asphalt paving service is able to offer recycling processing for their clients, and this may result in you needing to contacting a few different services.

Myth: Recycling Asphalt Is Harmful To The Environment

There can be an assumption shared by some people that asphalt recycling will actually be more harmful to the environment than simply throwing away the asphalt. However, recycling can reduce the need for extracting the ingredients for asphalt and the refining that they will require. Furthermore, it should be noted that asphalt will typically not break down once it is in the landfill. These factors can make asphalt recycling by far the best option for those that are wanting to reduce the environmental damage that their project causes, but these assumptions can often lead people to more destruction disposal solutions.

Asphalt recycling can be a convenient part of your driveway repaving project due to the ease of removing asphalt to recycle it, the durability of recycled asphalt for paving, and the environmental benefits that recycling this material can provide. Unfortunately, a handful of assumptions about this process can be enough to convince homeowners that this may not be the right solution for their needs. Speak with a company like Boulder Recycled Aggregate in your area.