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Preparing Scrap Metal For Recycling

If you have an abundance of metal items that you no longer wish to keep, you may have thought about bringing them to a recycling service so they can be used to make new products. Most metal recycling services provide compensation for relinquished items. Here are steps you can take to prepare metal items for a recycling service to acquire. 

Get The Right Tools For The Job

When you are working with metal items, you are bound to run across some that have sharp edges or protrusions. Because of this, always wear proper attire when you need to handle items made from metal. This includes a heavy-duty pair of work gloves, a thick long-sleeved shirt, and thick pants to protect your body. In addition, make sure you have a magnet on hand as you begin preparing scrap metal for a recycling center. This will stick to ferrous metals, alerting you they are of a lower value than other types such as aluminum or copper.

Separate Items According To Metal Type

If items are to be brought to a metal recycling service that accepts several different types of metal, you need to separate your items before they arrive at the plant. This allows you to obtain the most amount of money for your metal pieces. Each type of metal is weighed, and the daily rate for that particular metal is paid to you. If you do not sort your items before you have them hauled to the recycling business, you will only obtain a generic metal compensation amount, which can cause you to miss out on the opportunity for higher pay.

Be Aware Of The Price First

Contact a metal recycling service in your area to inquire about pricing for specific metals. The amount of each type varies daily. It is best to contact the service on the day you intend to relinquish your items.

Decide On Transportation

If you intend on bringing metal items to a recycling service on your own, keep each type of metal separated using bins. This makes it easier to weigh your items when you arrive. You may need to take several trips to the recycling service depending upon the different types of metal you have in your possession, as well as the sizes of the metal items you are recycling. If you are unable to haul items on your own, some recycling centers provide pickup.

Contact a local metal recycling service to learn more.