Preparing For Mass Computer Removal

If your business has an entire department of computers that need to be replaced or remove, basic trash and recycling systems may not be able to handle the workload. You'll need to get in contact with a roll off dumpster service or schedule a pickup with a disposal service like Pequannock Disposal Service to plan such a removal, but there are a few other profitable precautions that should be taken. Before throwing everything out, consider a few computer inspection and parts removal points that can keep your business stocked with spare parts while still getting rid of the garbage efficiently. [Read More]

Understanding Scrap Value in Computers and Parts

Whether you're getting rid of a computer that's been out of date for a decade or a new computer that can't be fixed, you need to be aware of some of the metals and other materials that can be pulled away. With multiple components that can be different in every manufacturer, model or even within two of the same model, you'll need to take a look at the parts inside to be sure about what you're throwing away. [Read More]

Tips For Maximizing Dumpster Use

Dumpsters can make life easier by providing a large, open space to put your trash in, but you may not be using that space as effectively as you could. Depending on the size of your dumpster, you may even be falling behind on projects just because you aren't organizing the way you dispose of your trash. When it comes to things like demolition and clean-outs, organization can go a long way toward getting the job done faster and more efficiently. [Read More]

Six Tips For An Efficient Office Relocation

Even a small office move can be a major undertaking for your administrative staff. They need to keep the office functional up until the day of the move, and then rapidly relocate so that workers can remain productive. Here are some tips for making this process go smoothly.  Create a Timeline One key ingredient is a timeline that tells employees when each piece of the move will happen. Although they don't need to know the gritty details, it's helpful if employees know when to clear out throw-away items from their desks, when to expect certain items to be packed up, and when to expect any other changes that might throw off their working habits. [Read More]