Six Tips For An Efficient Office Relocation

Even a small office move can be a major undertaking for your administrative staff. They need to keep the office functional up until the day of the move, and then rapidly relocate so that workers can remain productive. Here are some tips for making this process go smoothly.  Create a Timeline One key ingredient is a timeline that tells employees when each piece of the move will happen. Although they don't need to know the gritty details, it's helpful if employees know when to clear out throw-away items from their desks, when to expect certain items to be packed up, and when to expect any other changes that might throw off their working habits. [Read More]

Three Possible Ways To Recycle Number Five Plastic (Polypropylene)

As an environmentally conscious citizen, you may be troubled by the lack of comprehensive recycling services in cities throughout the country. Although some cities do accept recyclable plastic with numbers one through seven, many more do not. The most frequently recycled plastics are #1, PETE plastic, and #2, HDPE plastic. Yet many food containers, such as yogurt and cottage cheese containers, are labeled #5, meaning that they're made of polypropylene. Some people try to reduce and reuse these types of plastic because of the more limited recycling options, but before you choose that route, try these three recycling options. [Read More]

Problems Keeping Up With The Trash In Your Business? Hire A Commercial Trash Removal Company

If you are having problems keeping up with the trash in your business, you do not want your customers to see overflowing trashcans outside or inside, as this gives them a bad impression of you. If you are having this problem, hire a commercial trash removal company to take care of it for you. Besides removing your trash, they can also offer other services to you. Trash Removal Service A trash removal company can supply you with trash bins large enough to fit a lot of trash into. [Read More]